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Aug '13

Wed Aug 14, 2013, 6:40 AM
Thus so far...

Man, it feels like a decade since I've posted a journal entry. I've been occasionally 
posting up some random works here and there on DA. I was working for a while 
then stopped to pursue my own personal projects. Now I'm back to job hunting, 
my own personal project and opening for commissions! :)

Been playing around and trying out new things:
- tried to make a 2 page comic fully colored
- did 1 month daily sketch challenge with a friend
- did 2 month of the Elder Scrolls daily sketches
(thank you Zenimax Online for featuring my fanart on the following issues of the
Tamriel Chronicles [13] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]) - So HAPPY! :D
(also for the people in Tamriel Foundry forums and Bethsoft forums for the support!)

Might upload some of those mentioned above...

Also done other stuff like:
- finished a couple of games, I play too much games in general
- finished a good few seasons of TV shows and series
- catch up on some movies I missed

:iconhadesha: has posted this, please help if you can! [link]

Plans so far...

- always working on bits and pieces of Eternal mana...
- still drawing and writing stories on my personal sketchbook
- find work & commissions!

Commissions so far...

Commission Info Link: [here]

Slot#1. Son Zack (DONE)-- Gaia
Slot#2. -- OPEN --
Slot#3. -- OPEN --
Slot#4. -- CLOSED --
Slot#5. -- CLOSED --

  • Listening to: Final Fantasy Piano Collections
  • Playing: Dragon's Crown, Skyrim
  • Eating: craving Tempura Udon from J-town...
  • Drinking: craving for some really good coffee...
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